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PwC Germany and Chainlink Join Forces to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

• Chainlink’s Co-founder, Sergey Nazarov, believes the recent partnership with PwC Germany will help boost blockchain adoption.
• The partnership is meant to assist companies looking to interface with the blockchain economy by providing them with the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge they need.
• PwC Germany has also been involved in initiating several in-house blockchain solutions like Blockchain Explorer and Transaction Analyzer – BETA.

Chainlink Partnership With PwC Boosts Blockchain Adoption

Sergey Nazarov, the Co-Founder of Chainlink recently spoke to CNBC about its partnership with PwC Germany and its potential impact on enterprises and Capital markets. He stated that this collaboration was an exciting one as he noticed an uptick in enterprise and capital market interest. According to him, Chainlink specializes in connecting these systems to Blockchain, making it more efficient.

PwC Germany Pioneers Blockchain Technology Adoption

PwC Germany is a leading auditing and consulting services organization in Germany. The firm has previously taken part in building various in-house blockchain solutions such as Blockchain Explorer and Transaction Analyzer – BETA, Travel Rule Integration, Tokenization Framework, Smart Contract Formal Verification Framework, as well as Digital Asset Valuation Model.

Benefits of Chainlink’s Partnership With PwC

The partnership between Chainlink Labs and PwC revolves around accelerating the adoption of enterprise blockchain technology. This means that companies which lack the necessary knowledge required for building smart contracts or operating infrastructure nodes can turn to Chainlink while leveraging on PWC’s technical expertise and regulatory knowledge for developing compliance.

Objectives of Collaboration

The main objective of this collaboration is to support companies working with PWC Germany when it comes to interfacing with the blockchain economy while also providing assistance when it comes to securing smart contracts or operating infrastructure nodes.


All things considered, it seems that this collaboration between ChainLink Labs and PWG can prove beneficial for boosting blockchain adoption from both sides.