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Dogecoin on X? Pomerdoge Price Set to Increase 20x – Here’s Why!

• There are rumors that Dogecoin could be integrated into Twitter’s new platform, X, as a payment option.
• Experts predict the price of Pomerdoge (POMD) will increase by 20x due to its utility and gaming use case.
• Renowned economist Raoul Pal believes Elon Musk will add Dogecoin as a payment option on X, but regulatory hurdles might pose a challenge.

Will Elon Musk Add Dogecoin as a Payment Method to Platform X?

Rumors are making rounds about the potential integration of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin into Twitter’s newly rebranded platform, X, for payments. According to Coinbase Head of Research David Duong, this could trigger a price surge for the meme-based cryptocurrency if it were to happen; however he cautioned that this is uncertain due to some regulatory hurdles. On the other hand, renowned economist and investor Raoul Pal has expressed his belief that Musk will add Dogecoin as an official payment option on X.

Pomerdoge Price Set To Increase by 20x: Here’s Why

POMD has emerged as the latest sensation in the gaming world and experts have predicted its price to skyrocket by 20x before August due to its utility and use case in gaming. The Pomerdoge P2E game seeks to unite gamers around the world with its secure platform audited by SolidProof and Cyberscope for users‘ safety and security. This ecosystem centers around three important components: NFT collections, arcade games and virtual tournaments.

What Is NFT Collections?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that cannot be replaced or exchanged; they are unique pieces of art or collectables like videos, music or images which are stored on blockchain networks like Ethereum and Tron. Players can buy their own NFT collections with POMD tokens within the game which represent their achievements in virtual tournaments or arcade games which grant them access to exclusive rewards such as rare skins or in-game currency upon successful completion of tasks within the game itself.

Arcade Games & Virtual Tournaments

Players can also participate in arcade games hosted by sponsors within the game itself using their POMD tokens as well virtual tournaments organized regularly where winners can receive rewards based on their performance in these competitions . Moreover players get rewarded with bonus points if they refer friends who join them during these tournaments thus creating an interesting way for gamers from all over the world to connect while competing against each other for prizes at stake.


Dogecoin may soon become an official payment method on Platform X according to renowned economist Raoul Pal while Pomerdoge (POMD) is set for a 20x price surge due its utility and use case in gaming industry powered by NFT Collections , Arcade Games & Virtual Tournaments . Investors should therefore take advantage of this opportunity before it passes away!