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Be Part of the Gaming Revolution: Get Your $MEMAG Tokens Now!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild developing a high-quality gaming ecosystem that rewards community members for victories and participation.
• The native token, $MEMAG, is now available for presale at $0.007.
• Players can convert in-game rewards known as Gems into $MEMAG tokens and cash them out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is an innovative mobile gaming guild that is developing an engaging gaming ecosystem to reward community members for their victories and participation. At the heart of this ecosystem is the native token, $MEMAG, which is now available for presale at an initial price of $0.007.

MEMAG has a total token supply of 1 billion, of which 35% is allocated to the presale. This amount is further limited to 10% of the total token supply, which is allocated to exchange liquidity. This ensures that investors have more access to the tokens during the presale and that the value of the tokens increases over time.

The games hosted on the platform will issue rewards that players can convert into $MEMAG tokens and cash out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum. Alternatively, players can reinvest these tokens into the ecosystem. This allows players to truly own all the in-game assets they receive as rewards.

The goal of this play and earn ecosystem is to keep gamers engaged and entertained for longer periods of time. This is beneficial for both the ecosystem and the players, who have the opportunity to earn more reward tokens by playing the games.

To further ensure sustainability, MEMAG has partnered with multiple gaming partners to ensure that the games hosted on the platform are of the highest quality. Additionally, the team behind MEMAG has a deep understanding of the gaming industry and has developed a comprehensive suite of products that provide gamers with a unique gaming experience.

Overall, MEMAG is aiming to revolutionize the play to earn industry by providing gamers with an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. With its presale now underway, investors have an opportunity to get their hands on $MEMAG tokens and take part in the gaming revolution.